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Übersharp – mobile sharpening services restores the “factory” angle and maintains the proper cutting edges of your instruments. As a result of our mobile sharpening service our clients benefit from reduced hand fatigue from poor performing instruments which maximizes their productivity and profits.

We are dedicated to exceeding our clients expectations, eliminating any down time with our mobile sharpening services, our mobile repair service and our mobile sales support.



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What Übersharp Customers Are Saying…

Brendan came by our shop and checked out all of our scissors. Wow! What a difference when he got done. I had a pair of thinning sheers that have never been sharpened and they are so sharp now. Other people have come by claiming to sharpen scissors but they never could take on the task of sharpening my thinning sheers. Not Brendan – he took on the job and made them look like new. Now all of our scissors cut with ease.
I had Brendan do 2 pairs of Gingher sewing scissors and a couple of other pairs of scissors. Wow they have NEVER been this sharp. He was VERY quick and is so personable. Next, my husband’s knives; hunting, filet knives, buck knives, etc.! When I saw that he had done another friend’s machete, I thought of our rusty one. We will pull that out also!!”
“Brendan is a true professional, above and beyond the call of duty, and a pleasure to do business with. I’ll recommend him to all my contacts – business and personal. His work is stellar.”
“I would say my übersharp experience was amazing. Brendan was friendly, efficient, and has reasonable pricing. After my scissors were sharpened they cut better than they did when they were brand new. I liked the great job that was done to make my scissors sharp, and stay sharp for a while.”
“I am a home cook and my knives seemed to be dull all the time even after I had them sharpened at different places. Ubersharp identified that the blades were not smoothe. When I got the knives back, they were amazingly sharp. I cut through a cooked chicken breast half horizontally and felt only a little resistance when the knife went through the bone. my slicing knife does not even dimple the skin of a tomato before cutting through it like butter, and my fresh herbs are chopped cleanly instead of being torn and bruised. These are not even top of the line knives and they are better than new.”
Linda Wilson
They did an amazing job! My knives and scissors are better than new. Very professional and punctual. I would without any hesitation recommend them.
Angelo Ragone, NBI Sun Control
“Übersharp provided the best service ever! The sharp blade (on my machete) and every aspect of my experience with Übersharp was great!”
Scott Pintchuck, My Signature Living

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